My 1:1 Healing Mentorship is the most intimate, powerful & exclusive way to work with me.

This container is for the Spiritual Professional / Entrepreneur who desires to be supported unlike ever before.

The Spiritual Professional / Entrepreneur who knows the value of having someone behind the scenes to help you see & remove the energetic blocks when things aren't working quite right.

Someone who will support you to connect into clarity even when everything feels foggy...

Who you can lean on while so many others are leaning on you.

Someone who you can share the highest high's with, but just as easily share & work through your deepest fears.

Someone who will do the heavy lifting of keeping you (and your family's) energy 
clear & high frequency so you can focus on what really matters in your life, relationships & business.

All while YOU harness an even greater depth of your own healing & intuitive gifts.

This work will transform you on a DNA, cellular level.

Not into something or someone else... 

But into higher & higher versions of you.

We don't just talk...

We clear. We alchemize. We activate. We align.

We ascend into heights that will leave you in profound awe.

You will feel sooo fully held....

And soo deeply free.. In every sense of the word.

Our time together is only for a period of time.

But, what you learn & experience will last lifetimes.

Together we'll transform energetic blocks so you can:

- Powerfully connect to your Soul's Wisdom so you can always know exactly what steps to take -

- Lean back & earn with sooo much more ease -

- Access profound next levels of your own healing gifts & psychic senses -

- Embody influential, next-levels of your own, unique leadership -

- Experience deep peace, freedom & expansiveness -

- Leave repeating patterns & bad habits in the past -

- Deepen your relationship to yourself and others -

- Master energetics unlike ever before -

 - Keep your energy clear & high frequency so you can create, live & earn with A LOT more ease -

- Grow your business / work in a way that feels soooo deeply aligned & fluid -

- Unlock higher levels of joy, pleasure, creativity & inspiration -

& so much more.

All private mentorship is custom designed to fit your needs & includes:

✅ Bi-Weekly, 60-Minute Deep Energetic Healing & Guidance Phone Sessions

✅ Unlimited, Daily Voice & Text Messaging 
for Support, Remote Healing & Guidance

✅ 1, Monthly Remote Healing for your Business 

Pay in full for 3 months: $4,800

Monthly payment plan: $1,700

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or, start with a 60-minute Intuitive Healing Session for only $288 

These are powerful, 60-minute energy healing & intuitive guidance sessions 
by phone are designed to support you exactly where you are at.

Whether you are feeling energetically blocked and stuck, 
experiencing repeating patterns,
 feeling disconnected from your intuition & healing gifts, 
need help releasing past traumas and emotions,
 desire support connecting to clarity and higher guidance,
or simply want to upgrade your energy system and elevate into your next level... 

I've got you.

These sessions will remove lower energies from the past, others around you + so much more...

Together, we will restore your system to its highest next-level frequency.

You will leave the session feeling lighter, more clear, deeply at peace, 
and ready to move forward in your highest alignment.

During these sessions, you'll also connect to your Soul (highest self),
and if you wish, to the Souls of loved ones who have passed.

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I am a Master Energy Healer & Intuitive Coach.

I support Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Professionals to remove the energetic blocks holding them back in life & business + develop their intuition so they can create, live & earn with A LOT more ease.

Ever since I was young I have been able to see, feel and work with energy...

And, my gift is being able to see & transform the energetic blocks that limit & hold you back from your hearts deepest desires.

Together we will transform what's limiting you + anchor in the highest energies into your body, so you can attract the highest possible outcomes into your life, relationships & business...

Because, when you become a match for the frequency of reality you desire... You can’t help but attract that reality into your experience.

It's really that simple. And, it's really that magical.

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