Inside This New Book, You'll Discover Sacred Guidance On...

How To Reconnect With Your Highest Self By Honing In On Your Inner Healing Power!

Fortune Favors the Healed reveals a spiritual, forward thinking perspective on why adversity occurs,

And how you can grow your life by healing the heavy emotions and limiting beliefs that we inevitably face through life and business.

Through concepts based in ancient wisdom from sacred texts, 

You’ll learn to transform what hurts or limits you,

So you can reconnect to your divine self, and live life fortunately.

Inside Of My NEW Book...

Here's a sneak-peek of what you'll discover!

SECTION #1: A New Understanding

  • The Purpose of Pain - One of the reasons why so many people feel stuck in heavy emotions, and limiting perspectives is because they don't understand why pain, and limitation occur. After reading this chapter, you will have a clear understanding of why adversity happens, and how you can use this perspective to heal, and completely change your life.
  • Divinity in Form - In life, we are not taught who we are at our core. Through circumstances in our lives, experiences, and the people around us, we form concepts and ideas of who we think we are that stop us from healing and also becoming our full potential. In this chapter, you will learn who you are at the core so that you can heal anything that doesn't match that truth.

SECTION #2: The Foundations of Transformation

  • Becoming the Observer - To heal all that limits and pains you, you must always be aware of the unwanted thoughts and feelings as they arise. Most people will tell you to sit and meditate, but it doesn't work for everyone. After reading this chapter, you will be able to create a practice that deepens your presence, increases your peace, and allows you to become the observer of your experience in a way that feels good to you.
  • You Are Not What You Feel - In this chapter, you will learn how to stop identifying with your thoughts and feelings, so you can create space to change them. Without being able to do this, your emotions and thoughts remain 'part of you' and thus, cannot change.

SECTION #3: Complete and Total Healing

  • Experiencing Your Experience - Our innate response is to push what doesn't feel good away. However, in order to heal, you must learn how to fully experience and allow your emotions to be expressed as they come up without dwelling in them. After this chapter, you will understand the harm of pushing down your emotions, and how to feel your emotions so they can begin being released.
  • Emotional Healing - In order to heal on every level, you must address every aspect from which you are impacted. The first being your emotions. In this chapter, you will understand how significant, and dominant emotions you felt throughout your life were imprinted in your cells, and how you can release them from your body so that you can experience more peace, joy, and positive emotions in your life.
  • ​Reprogramming Your Thoughts - To heal completely, you must also reprogram negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs. After reading this chapter, you will know how to identify when thoughts need to be changed, and how you can reprogram them to not only support your healing but also change your life.
  • ​Honoring Your Body - When you heal on every level, your body changes on a DNA, cellular level. Emotions, thoughts, and energies you have experienced for years have to be let go, and that can be a lot for your body. In this chapter, you will learn how to lovingly honor your process, and take care of your body so it can heal as quickly and effectively as possible. 
  • ​Embodiment - One of the biggest reasons people don't heal is because even though they change their thoughts or change their emotions, they still identify with who they have been. After reading this chapter, you will know how to embody who you are becoming, instead of who you have been so you can experience, and live from your next level self.

SECTION #4: Living into Your Next Level Life

  • Upgrading Your Life: Your physical world is a reflection of your internal world, ss you change, your life and the things in it must change too. Through this chapter, you will get clear on all the things in your life that have held you back from who you desire to be, and the life you desire to live. Not only that, but you will learn how to let go of what isn't serving you with grace, so you can open to more of the things you truly desire.
  • Fortune Favors the Healed: When you change, your life will change... There is no denying that. In this chapter, you will understand why fortune favors the healed. Even more, you will learn how to keep your faith no matter what you come up against, and how to continue healing, so you can forever grow and experience more and more of what you desire in life.

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