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Is Your Energy in Alignment with Your Heart’s Desires?

When our internal energies and external aspirations align--we find ourselves in that beautiful flow--where miraculous synchronicities pop up and we feel divinely led and supported. Yet, with life’s ups and downs, that balance can easily be disrupted.

  • Do you experience repeating patterns and limiting beliefs that you can’t quite seem to clear out?
  • Do you feel foggy, unclear & disconnected from your higher guidance?
  • Does the magic of manifestation feel elusive, and like it’s only somewhat working for you?

Manifesting what you want in life is about aligning your energy, and removing any hidden blocks, dark energies, cords, traumas, or patterns that may be holding you back. It's about creating an energetic resonance within you so powerful that it brings your dreams into physical reality.


Dive Deep into Healing inside THE SANCTUARY

Join a Soul family that resonates with your spirit and journey.

No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, there's an innate need, a deep yearning for a sacred space where we can:

  • Rekindle and strengthen the connection with our highest self
  • Activate next levels of our psychic and healing gifts
  • Lay down the weight of our doubts, insecurities and fears
  • Access higher dimensions and embrace our boundless potential to achieve the miraculous

That's why, each week, inside The Sanctuary, I offer energetic healing & activation, reconnecting you to your highest self, and the frequency of your heart's deepest desires. Learn more about The Sanctuary.


Join the Community!

Sanctuary Healing Membership

included in your membership:

  • Receive LIVE Energy Healing Every Week from a master energy healer devoted to you and everything you want most
  • Personal Healing Requests LIVE every week to support you with whatever you most need
  • 100's of On Demand, Recorded Healings you can access anytime to support you with what you most need at the time
  • Distance Healing twice a  week to keep you in the highest frequencies so you can attract your desires with A LOT more ease.

Kind Words From the Community

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Founder of The Sanctuary & Author of Fortune Favors the Healed

Meet Madeline Eve

From a very young age, Madeline's gift was evident. More than just perceiving auras, she sees the intricate tapestry of energies—the radiant threads of your Soul's highest essence as well as the darker patches that hold you back. 

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realign & recalibrate

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1:1 Intuitive Healing Session


Uplift Your Healing Path and Elevate Your Life and Business with a 1:1 Intuitive Healing Designed Just for You


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1:1 Healing Mentorship


My 1:1 Healing Mentorship is the most intimate, powerful & exclusive way to work with me.


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From Brokenness to Blessings - The Art of Inner Healing for Manifestation

Fortune Favors the Healed

"Fortune Favors the Healed" is your compass to the world of manifestation through the power of healing your emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs, offering a compelling perspective on how adversity can be a stepping stone toward profound personal and spiritual growth.

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